Commission Information

I work one-on-one with my clients to create unique & personal pieces that compliment their home. Whatever vision you have, I do my absolute best to capture it exactly how you imagine!
My process is a simple step-by-step system:
1. You (the client) give me a general idea of the subject, style, & colors you’re initially going for.
2. You send pictures of the space in which the painting will go, along with dimensions.
3. From there, we can work on the size of the painting.
4. The first rough sketch is submitted to you for comments, questions & concerns. From there, we work through sketches until you are happy with the result.
5. I will create a colored sketch that will then be superimposed onto your wall (through a computer program) to give a better vision of what the piece will look like.
6. Once the vision is approved by you, a 35% deposit is due up front.
7. As soon as the painting is completed, the remaining amount will be due upon shipment or delivery*.
*Delivery is automatically included for clients in the Phoenix area

My main goal in my commissions is to bring your vision to life. It is a very

fun & hands-on process; every client I have worked with has enjoyed the

process immensely. I hope you too will consider letting me create something

completely unique to you & your home!

Commission Gallery

  1. "Blooming Fall" Commission
    "Blooming Fall" Commission
    Commissioned by a gentleman out of Sedona, Arizona. 11"x14", oil on canvas.
  2. "Tuscan Sunflowers" Commission
    "Tuscan Sunflowers" Commission
    Commissioned by a couple out of San Diego, California. 48"x72", oil on canvas.
  3. "Memory of Monet" Commission
    "Memory of Monet" Commission
    Commissioned by a couple out of San Diego, California. 30"x40", oil on canvas.
  4. "Poppies in the Wind" Commission
    "Poppies in the Wind" Commission
    Commissioned by a couple out of Illinois. 24"x24", oil on canvas.
  5. "Hidden Yosemite" Commission
    "Hidden Yosemite" Commission
    Commissioned for a gentleman out of San Diego, California. 12"x24", oil on canvas.
  6. "The Bridge" Commission
    "The Bridge" Commission
    Commissioned from a lady out of Sedona, Arizona. 48"x72", oil on canvas.
  7. 5-Piece Commission Set
    5-Piece Commission Set
    Commissioned from a couple out of Fountain Hills, Arizona. 24"x48" (2x), 24"x30" (2x), 12"x24", oil on canvas.