Tessa Nicole


fine art

Style & Techniques

Tessa's impressionistic style is inspired by her two favorite artists: Claude Monet & Vincent Van Gogh. With the free-flowing expression of Monet, and the texturized "touchability" of Van Gogh, Tessa's goal in creating her works is to open the eyes to a bright and talkative movement. Today's oil paintings are screaming to be revitalized to a more expressive, more exuberant state. Using solely palette knife, Tessa creates lively and textured pieces that capture the eye and fill any space with light. 


​​Tessa Nicole was always artistic growing up, but strictly in the musical sense of the definition. Singer, songwriter, classical pianist; these were the descriptions of Tessa up until she was 17 years old. Never would she (or anyone) have guessed that one day, her passion for music would soon morph into her passion for art.
February of 2015, Tessa recorded her song "Painted Life", knowing a music video was going to follow. She bounced idea after idea, but knew that the only thing promising to grab attention was if she painted in the video. Having never painted in her life, she decided to pick up a brush and teach herself. From her first oil painting attempt on February 15th, up until March 19th when the video was recorded, Tessa had successfully taught herself to paint in oils and was able to live paint in her "Painted Life" music video.
3 years later and here we are; Tessa has momentously improved in her craft and, in September of '18, she turned her passion into her career. Still having never taken a class, she is continuously self-developing her techniques, styles, and abilities. ​